Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. I am sometimes surprised how many different meanings this holiday has for people. Children, teens, and adults all can see Valentine’s Day as a way to recognize someone about whom they care. Young children give cards to classmates, while teens will give a gift as a token of interest or affection. Parents might give a present to a child to remind them they love them, while a friend might send a card to just tell someone that they appreciate their friendship. For two people dating, a romantic evening would be the plan. A young married couple thinks a candlelight dinner at home would be perfect, while the parents of teens might find a night out the perfect plan. A man sends a dozen roses to his wife and a dozen to his mother, each signifying different messages of love and thankfulness.


I have friends that declare Valentine’s Day an evil, commercial plot by the greeting card & jewelry companies as a way to increase sales between Christmas and Springtime/Easter, and refuse to even consider celebrating this holiday. I have known others that thought it was the most important holiday of all and they would go all out to make it a memorable day for the love of their life (at that moment). I think I have seen the extremes at both ends of the spectrum. You probably have too.


The origins of Valentine’s Day seem to most commonly trace back to Saint Valentinus, who was martyred around 500 A.D. Many stories and legends abound about more than one man, and honestly, I don’t want to spend that much time trying to figure the whole timeline out. Wikipedia has plenty of info if you are interested!


I guess like many holidays, different people have different traditions, expectations, habits and opinions for Valentine’s Day. One tweet I read this week asked “What does a chubby baby with wings attacking people with a bow and arrow have to do with love?”


Certainly as a private investigator I have seen the “ugly” side of “love” and how much it hurts people sometimes. It’s ironic, or maybe just cruel, that this thing we call “love” can bring an incredible amount of pain to people sometimes.


The Greeks certainly understood that expressing “love” was complicated, and had several words to describe different kinds of “love” that people felt for others, like a spouse, a sexual partner, a friend, a relative, or even a god. In English, we just lump all those different feelings into one word, and let it sort itself out. It’s probably a much lazier way to do things, and might explain the additional hurt and pain that is sometimes associated with love.


My opinion is that everyone deserves love in their life that is honest, caring and thoughtful. Don’t settle. I don’t necessarily believe that the perfect match, that soulmate, is out there for everyone. But on a planet of billions of people, we should all be able to have love in our life that is genuine and makes our life better.


Regardless of where you stand on celebrating the 14th of February, I hope you have love in your life that is caring and fulfilling. Happy Valentine’s Day to All.



Keith Owens is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations.


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