The TALI Winter Conference 2015

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The TALI Winter Conference 2015

Last month, the team of investigators at Owens Investigations attended the TALI Winter Conference 2015, sponsored by the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators. So why did we attend this, and why would I bother telling you about it here on our blog?

There are several reasons why we attend; some you may be able to guess, and some you might not. People often think we attend to find new business, but that is probably the last thing I expect to find when I attend a TALI Convention. However, there are some important business related aspects. I talked with several vendors that I directly do business with; some provide needed services, some products, and some infrastructure for my company. I learned about new products and services, some of which I will use to help provide our clients with even better service, or provide new ways to help people.

There are many educational opportunities at TALI Conferences. In our industry, private investigators have to accure Continuing Education hours in order to maintain our license. The conferences provide opportunities to earn some of those hours, which means that everyone on our staff continues to grow in our professional knowledge and abilities. Even though I have far exceeded the necessary number of hours, I attended with my team because I always want to learn more, hear about what others are doing, and challenge ourselves to be the very best that we can be. Because TALI is a large organization, there are many people in our ranks that are truly experts in various specialties, and there are many opportunities to learn new things. For example, we heard from an attorney who outlined what he needs in a case, and how to handle evidence and testimony in such a way as to maximize its effectiveness and make sure it will be accepted in court. We heard from a family law judge who shared with us what he expected from the bench, and how to present the most effective testimony. He shared what types of things to know, and some “unwritten” rules of which you had better be aware, or risk encountering the wrath of the court.

Owens Investigations Team - Dallas Private InvestigatorsWe heard from a former IRS Special Agent as he shared his insights from conducting one of the most talked about investigations in my lifetime. We enjoyed a presentation from a camera expert and manufacturer as we learned about the latest technology in photography, and heard about techniques to use in the field. And that was just a small part of what we had the opportunity to learn.

I get to meet and talk with other professionals, some that I know well, and some that I met for the first time. This year, I met face to face someone that I had only talked with previously on Twitter. From those discussions you learn what types of cases people are handling, what challenges they might be facing, and how they are dealing with them. All of that leads us to be prepared to offer our clients the very best service with the best possible outcomes.

I was able to handle and try out all kinds of new gadgets! Instead of reading about them online or in a catalog, I was able to see them in person, touch them, and see exactly how they work. I was able to determine if the latest tech would be beneficial in helping a client achieve a desired outcome and get the information they need, or if it would be a waste of time and money.

So the team here at Owens Investigations took several days off from working to invest in ourselves professionally, to expand our knowledge and enhance our abilities, all in order to be better prepared to serve our clients, and to continue to promote the highest standards for our company and our profession. Private Investigators are not people that just hang out in smoky back rooms and dilapidated buildings. We are licensed professionals, conducting our selves by a code of conduct, and striving to provide the best possible service to our clients. That’s why we feel good about asking you to trust us with your situation, because we are going to be doing our very best for you.



Keith Owens is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations.



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