Can you see us in the picture? That is always the challenge when conducting surveillance in a crowd; blend in, keep your target in sight, but don’t become noticeable. We are trained in surveillance techniques, both stationary and mobile. Surveillance is not so much a science as it is an art. No one can guarantee success when conducting surveillance, and if they tell you they can, you should look elsewhere. What we can promise is that we will put every effort into discovering the information you are PrivateSurveillancelooking for when we take on a surveillance task. When needed, we can put a team in the field, not just one individual.

So whether it is following a cheating spouse, watching a person claiming an injury, making sure your children are safe, or keeping an eye on a company employee, we can gather the documentation and video evidence necessary to discover the truth. Why not call us today at 972-550-1200 or email us at and schedule a free, personal consultation. We can sit down at our office, discuss your situation, and develop a plan to find the information you need.

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