Spring Conference – Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

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Spring Conference – Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

Today I am leaving for Houston to attend the 2014 Spring Conference of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators. While this may not sound like a particularly exciting blog topic, I wanted to share why this is important to all our clients, as well as anyone who is considering hiring a private investigator.

Before an individual can open and operate a private investigation business, the State of Texas requires that you must be licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Before a business can be licensed, the business must have a registered owner, a qualified manger, and carry appropriate insurance coverage.

Owners or owner/managers must pass a FBI fingerprint and background check; managers must pass a written test concerning Texas law as it relates to private investigations and private security, document their experience and training, and meet a number of qualifications While avoiding have any number of disqualifying acts from their past.

Licensing is an extensive, time consuming, and expensive process. The state sets the bar high because the responsibility of a private investigator is significant. We are granted access to material that is confidential and not available to the general public. Our work puts us in a position of trust, often when people are in a situation where they are vulnerable or in need. If our job is done incorrectly, people can be harmed, emotionally and physically.

But once we are licensed that doesn’t end the requirements or expectations. Every year we must renew our business license, and every two years I must renew my personal owner and manager’s license. Part of that process is a requirement of continuing education. As part of the TALI Spring Conference, I will be attending a number of sessions to continue to learn new things, receive an update on legal issues and changing laws, and discuss ethics.

One of the areas that we emphasis here at Owens Investigations is to provide highly professional service, and highly ethical service. We have all seen the television shows and movies with the seedy individual, ex-con, or person willing to do anything to make a buck. The truth is, our profession is full of very reputable, trained professionals.

Are you curious about what laws govern us as private investigators? Read the Texas Private Security Act: Texas Occupations Code – Chapter 1702. and the Administrative Rules. After you have read these, you will realize that we are highly regulated, and not just anyone can do this job. We are proud of what we do, and we work hard to do the best job possible.

 So for the next few days I will be networking with other professionals, talking to industry vendors, picking up some new equipment, and learning and preparing to do an even better job for you! That’s what professionals do!


Keith Owens is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations.

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  1. I totally agree and that private investigators are more common than ever and a very recognised industry.your article is very good.thanks for sharing this.

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