If Your Spouse Is Cheating the Holidays May Make It Obvious

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If Your Spouse Is Cheating the Holidays May Make It Obvious

The holiday season can be a wonderful time of the year. But when you suspect that a spouse is cheating on you, it can turn what is normally a happy, family-focused time into a stress-filled, emotionally draining month. Unfortunately, the holidays are often a time where spouses become suspicious of infidelity as a result of their spouse’s behavior.

Because many people’s work schedule changes over the holidays, you may notice odd behavior by your spouse. When an affair is happening, couples often follow a schedule of time when they can get together based on work, family obligations, and activities. When the holidays roll around, people often have extra time off from work, and it becomes more difficult to hide a “meeting” that would normally be easy to explain away.

People involved in an affair with a married individual understand there are scheduling limitations during normal times. But as the holidays roll around, one of the persons involved in the affair feels a need to spend some of that holiday with their cheating partner. This type of behavior is often difficult to disguise, and will spark that “gut feeling” that many spouses get when they are being cheated on.

So if during the holidays your instincts tell you something isn’t right, look for signs of behavior that is out of place. Odd or suspicious phone calls are one example. If people from the office don’t normally call at night or on the weekends, why are they calling now? Does your spouse have a job that requires their immediate presence or input? If so, then this could be very reasonable, but if not, why are they receiving this call when many people are taking time off? Another common means of communication between cheating couples is through text messaging. If your spouse is sending and receiving an unusual or excessive amount of text messages during the holidays, that might also be a red flag. Consider saying something like “Is that _____? How is he/she doing? I’ve been meaning to call them.” 

Another behavior to note is a sudden disappearance when you expected your spouse to be at home or at a family event. Sure, they may be out shopping for your Christmas present. “Don’t ask questions at Christmas time!” is a line many have used to cover shopping, but it could also be used to cover a rendezvous. Consider the timing or their sudden disappearance, or even asking them to run an errand for you while they are out. These types of things can help you determine if their alone time seems legitimate or suspicious.

Check credit card bills or bank statements during and after the holidays. If your spouse has a lover, they are very likely buying them presents or spending additional money. It might be difficult to tell during the holidays, but after the gift giving is over, it should be fairly obvious what present came from where, and if a particular expense doesn’t seem to fit with the presents that were given.

If you feel like your spouse may be cheating on you, contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you find answers. Everyone deserves peace of mind in their relationship, especially during the holidays.



Keith Owens is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations.
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