Why a Private Investigator Can Be a Lawyer’s Secret Weapon

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Why a Private Investigator Can Be a Lawyer’s Secret Weapon

I am always being asked about what my job consists of, and what kind of things I do each day. One of the areas in which our company works is providing litigation support. We work with firms that have several attorneys and paralegals, and we work with attorneys that have single-person practices. While I may be biased, I do believe that we are incredibly useful in both scenarios. Because we are a small, privately owned firm we are able to adjust to the needs of our clients, and we don’t mind tackling a variety of tasks. Let me tell you why I think a private investigator can be a lawyer’s secret weapon!


Information Is Power

When you, as an attorney, are representing someone in a case, be it civil or criminal, the more information you have the better decisions you can make, and the more effective you can be in obtaining the best outcome for your client. Unfortunately, there is no magic solution for getting useful, quality information; it takes hard work. Of course, you have already interviewed your client. You also know that there is a good chance that you didn’t get 100% of the information they had during that initial interview. The client may have withheld information because they did not believe it was relevant, or they were embarrassed by it. They may be a seasoned liar, and have a hard time telling the truth to anyone, especially in a single conversation. Or they may have just forgotten something at the time. So from the start, you are working at a disadvantage, because you are not able to operate with all the facts that your client knows. Multiply that by the number of witnesses or others involved in the case, and your job has just gotten exponentially more difficult.

We understand mitigation. We know to look for information that could raise a question, a doubt, or an alternate theory. While we would love to say that we can find you a smoking gun or a magic bullet, we all know that usually it is much more subtle than that. It’s likely to be a blip in the time line, a witness that noticed another person that they forgot to mention before, or maybe a disgruntled acquaintance that cannot account for their whereabouts during the time in question. We can interview, over the phone or in person, people that might have knowledge about an event. We can spend the time making those calls and visits that you do not have time to do. We can make sure every question that you want the answer to has been asked, often multiple times in multiple ways, to make sure you know what the answer will be. Based on those answers, we will push and prod to get additional information on related matters that might not have been discussed previously. We understand the value of discretion, but we also don’t mind asking difficult questions in awkward settings.


Putting the Pieces Together

private investigator puzzleIf you have a paralegal in your office, you know how valuable he/she is in helping accomplish multiple tasks every day. In most offices we have been in, from coffee to dinner time, the paralegals have their plates full. What they don’t have the time to do is read through every page of every case file, taking all the information apart, and then putting it all back together in a coherent timeline, so you can see where the strengths and weaknesses of your case are. They don’t have time to call and interview witnesses, comparing their testimony to what has already been said, looking for inconsistencies or new information. Neither you nor your paralegal has time to try to fill in the missing pieces, figuring out where that information is, or who might have those answers. They don’t have time to visit the scene of a crime or an accident, document the scene, review previous photos, and find the inconsistencies. They do not have time to review hours of video recordings. We do. We have the equipment, the training, and the understanding of what is important.


Background Information

Do you know the background of all the players in your cases? A good private investigator can dig up the background on all the significant parties in your case. What’s the background of the key witnesses? Are they credible? We can give you the basic outline, or we can dig deep into details.

What about your client? Do you know their full history? Do you know their weaknesses? How are they going to respond under the pressure of a deposition or when they are faced with testifying in court? What will your opposing counsel bring up from their past? Or maybe counsel will know exactly which button to push to set off your client or cause them to say the wrong thing. Knowing where your client is vulnerable allows you to plan to avoid or mitigate that weakness. Do you have time to dig through their past, and ask them every possible question in preparation for that? To listen to all their answers, and then review the recording for any subtle clues? We do.


Expand Your Team

When we are working for you, you have expanded your resources for a fraction of the investment of what it would otherwise cost to create a team yourself. We have a variety of tools at our fingertips, and we have a vast network of professionals to whom we can reach out and utilize when their specific skills are needed. When we contract with you, we understand that we represent you and your firm. Our aim is always to conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism in words, deeds, and appearance. We are discreet when necessary, but we are not interested in being shady or unethical. We are licensed, credentialed, and insured. Our billable rate is reasonable, and your client will benefit by getting our expertise doing the work we are trained to do, which will allow you to focus on providing them the best legal representation possible.


The Secret Weapon

Dallas private investigator Owens Investigations TeamSo that brings us back to my original proposition. A good private investigator can be a lawyer’s secret weapon. Why? Because we will help get the task done that no one else wants to do, will make sure you are well informed before you go into a meeting or a courtroom, and will tell you the truth, whether it is good news or bad. You know the law, the courtroom tactics, the negotiation secrets, and the intricacies or being successful in those environments. We know how to gather information, put the pieces together, and fill in the missing spots. Now doesn’t that sound like a secret weapon?

So what is sitting on your desk right now with which you could use some help? Call or email us today, and let’s make a plan on how we can help you. We want to be your secret, or not so secret, weapon!



Keith Owens is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations.


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