Make A Wish Foundation Selected as Charity Reward

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Make A Wish Foundation Selected as Charity Reward

The team at Owens Investigations has joined the movement at EveryMove and chosen our reward to be the Make A Wish Foundation.  EveryMove is a team of health care entrepreneurs and technologists who believe in inspiring each other to better health. They reward you for moving, whether that is a jog in the park, walking your dog, a bike ride, or cleaning your home. The points go towards a reward of your choosing to keep you motivated.

Owens Investigations is committed to building our business on integrity, compassion and unmatched service. In order for that to occur, it is important that our team have a good balance in their lives between work and home. We encourage each of them to carve out time for themselves so that when they are at work, they will be energized for each of our clients.  We recognize that many of the individuals we have the privilege of working with come to us when they have a problem, and we always want to be able to give every case our best effort. We take on each case as if it were our own and are committed to helping find the answers needed for each situation. We believe we do our best work when we keep that balance in our lives.

We are thrilled at the opportunity for our rewards to go towards an organization that is built on some of the same principles as Owens Investigations.  Make A Wish Foundation is committed to enriching the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions.  We are excited to be a part of their efforts to bring joy in the lives of many children and their families. We will keep you posted during the year and let you know how we are doing in our efforts to move and contribute to Make A Wish Foundation.

We hope you will get in on the action at EveryMove and move as well. Let us hear from you.


Karol is the Director of Community Relations and Social Media for Owens Investigations.


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