Witness Locates & Interviews

We know how busy attorneys are. Every minute of every hour is full, and the stack of work on your desk never goes away. Would you like an investigator who can help you find your witnesses, conduct interviews for you, and provide you a coherent, precise report?

Why not consider making Owens Investigations part of your team?  We will work with your on every aspect of the investigation, saving you valuable time and allowing you to leverage your knowledge and training in the law, and utilize our knowledge and training in investigations. Whether you need witness locates and interviews, case file reviews, scene photos, or background checks and research, we are prepared to get what you need, and we know to pay attention to the details.

witness_locatesWe are also very good with clients. We can handle weekly or even daily client contacts to keep your client up to date on progress being made, and provide a little hand holding so they know you are busy working on their behalf. Your client receives regular feedback, your office staff can focus on their work, and you don’t have to spend your valuable time making phone calls – everyone’s happy.

Do you have a case file on your desk right now with which you could really use some assistance? We are prepared to jump right in and get to work.

Let’s get together and talk about how we can help you. Contact us by calling 972-550-1200 or emailing today to set up an appointment. We are ready to listen and help.

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