School Investigations

Education investigations Dallas Private InvestigatorAre you currently preparing a case that revolves around the field of education? Do you need someone who knows their way around schools and school districts? Having difficulty wading through files full of education-speak and acronyms? If so, you need an investigator with the experience to know what is important, what is missing, and what it means for your client. We are the firm to provide that for you for all your school investigations. We can help make the difference in making your case successful, by finding the information you need to best represent your client.

With decades of experience in the education field, we are ready to tackle the most involved and complex cases. Your clients will benefit from having not only your expert legal representation, but also from having an investigator who knows how schools, school districts, and education-related fields work, and how people in those organizations think. Whether you are representing a student, a school employee, or a school district, your clients will know you are fully committed to the successful conclusion of their case by bringing in experts who will work tirelessly on their behalf.

The owner of Owens Investigations has multiple lifetime teaching certifications in the State of Texas, including in the field of special education, and has taught in regular, advanced (GT, Honors, and Pre-AP), and special education situations. Having taught in small and large school districts, public and private schools, Mr. Owens knows education, knows investigations, and is ready to put that knowledge and those skills to work for you and your client.

Don’t waste another day! Let us help you prevail on your next case. Call Owens Investigations at 972-550-1200 or email us at today to set up an appointment to discuss your needs for any school investigations, and give your clients the best support they can have.


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