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If you are a lawyer with a criminal or civil case that is preparing for trial, you need an investigator on your team. At Owens Investigations we understand your days are already full with meetings, preparation, and court appearances. You need someone who can comb through case files and evidence, identify inconsistencies, conduct witness interviews, visit and document crime scenes,and conduct thorough background investigations for all the parties involved in your case. Do you have a client who needs a little extra personal attention? We are good at hand-holding and keeping clients up-to-date on the progress that has been made, letting them know that they are still a priority to you, even if you aren’t personally calling them three times a week!

We are trained to look for inconsistencies in evidence and police records that help point to the level of doubt necessary to prove to a jury that the state has not met their burden of proof. We will dig for what you tell us you need, and if it is out there, we plan on finding it. We realize that having every piece of information is vital for you to plan your strategy and know in what manner to proceed in order to best represent your client. When you need papers served we are also licensed to serve process. Call us today to set an appointment, so we can begin to find the answers you need in order to provide a first class defense for your client.

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