You Just Thought It Was Private

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You Just Thought It Was Private

This latest story about internet privacy and Facebook seems to contain a familiar ring… a person post something that they intend to be visible or available to a limited audience, only to find out the whole world can read what they have posted.

This latest episode apparently came about only when several things were combined, in this case using Google’s Chrome browser and an extension for that browser for the service Storify. So while this does appear to be a situation that only effected people using that combination of software to post a status update, it is a reminder to us all that we must take great care in what we post, because once it is “out there” there is little chance of undoing it if something goes wrong. You can read about the story here on AG Beat.

Taking precautions with your online privacy settings is often something we take for granted. When we sign up for a new service, we are presented with a long document with lots of legal language. Most people quickly click the accept button and move on, eager to set-up the account and start having fun. Even if you are aware of the privacy policy of an organization when you sign-up, there is no guarantee that they won’t change the policy later (see Facebook!).

Private investigators know the wealth of information that can be found online through social networks. We regularly check multiple social network sites and services when conducting an investigation. Sometimes the clues found there are subtle, and sometimes incredibly obvious.

At Owens Investigations, we encourage our clients to look closely at their own social networking footprint, and to be sure they are taking appropriate precautions with their personal information. Private investigators aren’t the only ones out there looking for your information, so be careful “out there” in the virtual world!


Keith is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations.



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