Tips for Internet Safety Month for your Digital Child

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Tips for Internet Safety Month for your Digital Child

June is Internet safety month. With school out for the summer, it is a great opportunity for parents, grandparents and childcare providers to talk to children about Internet safety. As more and more households have at least one device where kids can access the Internet, it is extremely important that kids understand how to use technology safely. Children learn at an early age now how to surf the Internet on computers and on smartphones so we must be vigilant about informing our children about the safety and the dangers of the Internet.

Ten Tips for Talking to Your Children for Internet Safety

(1). Talk about keeping personal information private. Use email addresses and usernames that do not tell the world too much personal information.

(2). Establish clear boundaries regarding Internet use. Are they allowed to download images from the Internet? Can they send messages to their friends? Are you allowing access services to pinpoint their location?

(3). Set a curfew for computer and cell phone use.

(4). Talk about the dangers of interacting with strangers online. Explain to them people online are not always who they appear to be or say they are.

(5). Limit how often they can use their device.

(6). Limit how long they can be on their wired device.

(7). Tell them you reserve the right to check their computer or smartphone. Check periodically the settings involving their friends, browser history, image files, music downloads, blogs, etc.

(8). Explain to them anything they put on a social networking site or a text message is not private including pictures.

(9). Explain the importance of keeping passwords private. Tell your children not to exchange their information for a “freebie”.  Viruses often piggyback on software that’s free. Help them pick a name that doesn’t identify their age or locate you.

(10). Explain to your kids that you are not spying on them but helping keep them safe as well as the entire family. Create an environment that will encourage your child to talk to you about their internet use.

Here’s an infographic from Unknown Kids that can provide you with some additional insight to Internet safety.

Karol is the Director of Community Relations and Social Media for Owens Investigations.

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  1. Great info Karol. Even after years of working with high-school-aged kids, I sometimes forget that they often don’t know some basic safety tips concerning the internet. As a society we have done a pretty good job teaching our children about “stranger danger” and similar concepts when they are out in the “real world.” However, our children and grandchildren live in a digital age, where online contact is the norm. I believe this is the new cutting edge place where our children have to learn to protect themselves, and we must equip them to do so.

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