Infidelity Phone Aids in Cheating on your Spouse

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Infidelity Phone Aids in Cheating on your Spouse

Have you heard of the infidelity phone? Can that be a real device? Yes, and apparently very popular in Japan.

Fujitsu promotes the strong security features of its phones. It hides your chosen contacts as missed calls, emails and text messages. If that designated person tries to get in touch with you, the only sign on your phone is a small adjustment in the color or shape of how the battery sign or antenna bars are displayed. The change is so minor most people would never see it happening. If the owner of the cell phone does not answer the call, the call does not even appear in the call list.  The hidden messages and voice mail becomes available when the cell phone owner turns off the privacy mode with a secret combination of keys. You can read more information about the phone nicknamed the infidelity phone from the Wall Street Journal.

Now we learn that at least one smartphone app developer is providing an app for Android (and soon iPhone) that will help a cheating spouse or significant other more easily hide evidence of their affairs. Have you heard of CATE? Call And Text Eraser is a new app that should raise a red-flag if you see it on the phone of someone with whom you are in a relationship. The app developer says this app will help keep your indiscretions secret.

If your significant other is protective of the information on their phone, you have to wonder what they are hiding. While it is not evidence of cheating, it raises concern, and when combined with other behaviors, can certainly make one wonder. Have you noticed something that makes you suspicious? At Owens Investigations, we can conduct a discrete infidelity investigation that will allow you to move forward knowing the facts. If you are ready to get the answers you need, call (972-31-OWENS) or email us ( today to set up an appointment for that free consultation.


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