12 Days of Christmas Tips – Day 8: Have a Safe Christmas Party

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12 Days of Christmas Tips – Day 8: Have a Safe Christmas Party

If you are hosting a Christmas Party this year, then you obviously want everything to go well. While party planning is not my forte, I have a handful of suggestions to make sure you have a safe Christmas party.

Know your guest list. Make sure you know who is coming into your home. Whenever possible, ask people with a +1 to reply with that individual’s name. At least do a quick Google search on anyone whom you do not know. If you are more security conscious, you can always call your local PI to do a more thorough background check. 😉

If you are having a large group coming into your home and your entire house will be utilized, make sure you tuck away valuables, cash, and prescription medicines. Small items are particularly tempting to some people. Also, make sure you have put important or confidential papers and files away. Consider putting all of these types of things in a room that can be locked and will not be accessible to the guests. Keep in mind that when you have a houseful of people, it is nearly impossible to monitor everyone all the time.

If you have food sitting out, label it. Many people have food allergies. While most people with allergies are careful about what they eat, holiday dishes can sometimes be deceiving, and clearly labeling things that people might be allergic to just makes good sense.

Alcohol. If you are planning on serving alcohol, be smart. Consider hiring a bartender. He or she can keep an eye on everyone and is experienced in noticing when someone is about to be over-served. Also, have a cab company phone number on hand. Many of us don’t call cabs very often, and we don’t know the number for one. Call ahead of time and see if they serve your neighborhood, and what the availability and response time is expected to be on the night of your party.

Some host collect car keys at the door, and return them when the guest is leaving along with some small party favor. At that point, it’s much easier to determine if someone is drunk and should not be behind the wheel of a car. We talk about drunk driving a lot in our society today, but we are not nearly as comfortable enforcing it with our friends or colleagues. But if you are hosting the party, you may have a legal liability, as well as a moral responsibility, to keep everyone safe. That is much easier if they do not have their keys!

If it’s a large gathering, consider having someone who is the “designated watcher” for the evening. Maybe a friend, neighbor, or relative who is not part of the particular crowd attending the party. Their job is to keep everyone safe, and make sure nothing goes on that you would not want to happen. They can mingle, drink a soda, and keep an eye on everyone. That allows the host to relax and enjoy themselves. If you don’t know anyone who can serve that role, your local PI can fit right in. 😉

The holidays are a wonderful time, and parties are so much fun this time of year. Making those few extra preparations to keep everyone safe will assure that everyone has a good time and returns for next year’s bash!



Keith Owens is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations.


photo credit: Fiery-Phoenix via photopin cc

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