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Fitness – Tough Mudder

At Owens Investigations, we have many hobbies and interests that we like to share with others! While private investigations are our passion at work, we also want to share other important information on our blog. A passion of mine is fitness and nutrition. I will be contributing to the OI blog with tips, guides, and whatever else comes across my brain as it relates to fitness.

This post will be about my experience training for the event Tough Mudder (TM for short). For those that don’t know, TM is a twelve-mile fitness course filled with elite obstacles including fire, ice water, electroshocks, wall climbs, cage crawls, hill runs, and you guessed it, tons and tons of mud. Designed by British special forces, it’s not for the weak or faint of heart. You will get dirty. You will dive into thirty-six degree water and then jump through fire. You will get shocked, carry logs on your shoulders, crawl through tight spaces, swim in muddy water, and so much more. TM isn’t about finishing first, it isn’t about setting personal records, nor is it about accomplishing it on your own. It is definitely a team sport, focused on camaraderie, and helping your fellow mudders. You finish one obstacle, you stay and help your team and other mudders finish it. I personally can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with close friends and a little mud!


While the event isn’t timed and awards aren’t given for performance, you need to be in shape. Running twelve miles is no joke and when you add in elite obstacles, you better be prepared. The biggest aspect you want to prepare for with an event like this is endurance . While I run regularly my max is usually five to six miles, definitely not twelve. So each time I run, I simply add on a little more than the previous run, generally around .25-.50 miles. Doing this at least three times a week will ensure you are properly increasing your endurance without killing your body. This is a great way to increase endurance for any type of race or event, or if you simply want to run farther.

Another great way to increase endurance is running stairs. Easy to find (apartment complexes, high school stadiums, etc) and no gym membership required, running stairs will help you control your breathing, strengthen your leg muscles, and gives your muscles a different workout, compared to flat running. Do this at least three times a week for twenty minutes each session. This is also beneficial for running 5Ks and marathons.

Now that we’ve got endurance covered, how do you prepare for the obstacles, which focus a lot on strength? Frankly, you can’t ever be completely prepared because you can’t reconstruct a twelve-mile course in your backyard. But your best bet is to hit the gym and pick up the free weights. When training muscles to grow or strengthen, focus on just one muscle group per session (example: day one is arms, day two chest, day three shoulders and back, etc.) Do three different exercises in a row for that muscle (10-12 reps), rest for  two minutes, then start over. This would be considered one set, try to do 4-5 sets. Other great exercises that help you prepare for TM are dips, pull ups, chin ups, and push ups. If possible try to incorporate those into your runs (some parks will have equipment to do so) and some exercises you can do anywhere (such as push ups). Overall, give yourself about six weeks to prepare for an event such as TM. Get creative with your exercises but be smart! Listen to your body. Know the difference between soreness and an injury.

Tough Mudder is coming to Dallas October 26th-27th. Sign up online now!

Check out future posts from me regarding weightlifting exercises, nutrition, and more!


Ryan is the Coordinator of Business Development for Owens Investigations and a fitness buff!

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