February 13 – Mistress Day

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February 13 – Mistress Day

Mistress Day. It sure seems like something that should not exist, doesn’t it? But it does, at least unofficially. February 13 is the day that has come to be known as Mistress Day, because that is the day that married men who are cheating try to keep their mistress happy. Apparently, businesses see it every year. The term has even made its way into Urban Dictionary.

Husbands know that on February 14th, they had better be making an effort to have a special evening with their wife. For many couples, it has become an expectation, and woe to the husband that ignores the holiday. But for the man who has a mistress, she is often unhappy and jealous of the fact that she is not going to get attention on this day set aside for lovers. (We won’t even go into the illogical leaps that get made to arrive at that mindset.) So to pacify the mistress (and to squeeze in another romantic rendezvous), these men try appease the other woman by spending the evening before Valentine’s Day with her. The usual gifts include jewelry and lingerie.

No one likes to think about their spouse cheating on them. But if your spouse is cheating, the approach of Valentine’s Day is one holiday that is hard for cheating lovers to ignore. While Valentine’s Day itself is reserved for your husband, wife, or significant other, the day before, February 13, can easily be set aside for the “other” person!

So if you get the “I have to work late tonight, but we will have a wonderful evening tomorrow night” excuse, and you have noticed suspicious behavior in the past few weeks, you might consider if your spouse is celebrating two nights in a row! You may want to check the credit card statements for unusual activities, or the bank account for unusually large cash withdrawals. Or you can always call your local private investigator to conduct surveillance on the evening of the 13th.



Keith Owens is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations.


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