The FBI Child ID App and Missing Children

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The FBI Child ID App and Missing Children

If you have children, then you have likely had the following unnerving experience. You are in a store with your child, you stop to look at some item, and then look back up a moment later, and your child is nowhere to be found. Your child is missing. You call out their name, you heart starts to pound in your chest, and suddenly, the pop their head around the corner. The relief floods over you as you grab them into your arms!

But occasionally, it doesn’t happen that way. You can’t find the child immediately. You expand the search. You get others to help you look. You call for store security, then the police. If this horrible scenario happened to you, would you be able to give authorities the information they need at that critical moment.

Now the FBI has an app that is designed to help in this type of crisis situation. It’s called Child ID. This app is designed to store vital information as well as photos so that they will be literally in your hand the moment you need it. You don’t have to try to remember important details at a stressful moment, or go home to get pictures of your child. All the data that authorities need are already stored in the app. Just type the screen and everything is there.

It also has tips included, like what to do during the first minutes that a child goes missing, which are considered some of the most critical by experts.

You can download the FBI’s Child ID iPhone version here or you can download the Android version. No data is uploaded to the FBI, it all stays on the phone until you need to share it, and it is capable of password protection.

I hope you never have a need to use, but if your child goes missing and you need this app, it will provide useful information in those stressful and critical moments. So download it, keep the info updated, and then hopefully delete the app when they turn 18!


Keith is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations.


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