Exercise Your Right to Vote!

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Exercise Your Right to Vote!

The statistics are always disappointing. So many people in our society fail to exercse their right to vote on a regular basis. You have heard the saying, “If you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain.” While I agree with the sentiment, I fear that it almost helps perpetuate the lack of engagement that so much of our voting eligible public demonstrates.

So how many people are actually voting? Accoring to FairVote.org, it depends on if it is a preseidential election year. Of course, that only happens every 4 years, but we have national elections every 2 years, which we refer to as mid-term elections. Today is such a year.

Here in Texas, we are electing a governor, along with other state-wide offices, state representatives, as well as our entire congressional delegation for the US House of Representatives. These men and women are going to have a profound impact on our lives with the various decisions and influcence they have during the next 2 – 4 years that they are in office. This is true all across our country.

So how many of us will help make those decisions? The statistics tell us to expect just over 40% of the eligible voters in our country to exercise their right to vote today. That means a majority of us WILL NOT VOTE!

I fully understand the unhappiness many of you feel about our political system, the “gridlock” and “partison polictics” that dominate every polictical discussion we hear today. I understand the frustration in feeling like you are picking between two bad choices, and that “big money” seems to drive our entire system. I feel all of those things. BUT, If we don’t make an effort to participate, nothing will ever change.

Understand this… a majority of potential, eligible voters will NOT vote today. If those people did, they could select a third candidate for any office and elect that person. Change is possible, but it will only come with hard work. That, my friends, is a life lesson we all need to be reminded of every once in a while.

Texas has been embroiled with a bitter conflict about our voter identification law. Republicans say it is necessary to save our republic from the overwhelming amount of voter fraud going on. Democrats rail about the masses of people that will be prevented from voting becuase getting an ID is too difficult.

Has there ever been voter fraud? Sure. Is it very difficult for some disadvantaged people to get an ID. Yes it is. But, in my humble opinion, it is mostly a bunch of blowhards doing what politcal types do, hyping everything for some political agenda that benefits them.

If the Republicans and the Democrats really want to make a difference in voting, how about focusing on encouraging the entire population to vote. Instead of focusing on the few fake voters or the few who can’t get an ID, what if we focus on the MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION (almost 60%) that are going to CHOOSE not to vote today. Just a thought.

So neighbors and fellow countrymen, go vote today. We need our representatives to be responsive to us, our wishes, and our needs. Maybe if they knew a majority of us cared enough about what they did to go vote today, they would put a little more thought, care, and effort into what they do and the decisions they make. (Cue patriotic music.)


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Keith Owens is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations. He voted today.