Everybody Loves Moving, Right?

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Everybody Loves Moving, Right?

Whether it is your house, your apartment, or your office, we all know that everybody loves moving, right?!? No! Moving is painful, time consuming, and exhausting. That is exactly what we at Owens Investigations have been dealing with during the past few weeks. We had to move our offices.

Here in the Dallas area, and much of Texas for that matter, April and May brought a level of rain that we haven’t seen in decades. That was a wonderful thing in terms of helping to mitigate the drought that much of Texas has been dealing with for several years. We also enjoyed some wonderfully mild temperatures through the Spring. However, we also saw flooding levels that I haven’t seen in my entire adult life in this area.

Unfortunately for us, our offices were a victim of that flooding. This was the third time in a year that we had dealt with the problem, and we decided we could not deal with a fourth. Fortunately, we were able to secure new office space in our same building (far away from the flood waters) and we used the opportunity to expand our space.

Dallas Private Investigator OfficeSo now we have some additional work space for our staff, and a nice meeting area for our clients. We also have some room to store all of our cool tech. Of course, it did mean that for the past two months we have been juggling way too many things while working without our usual space and outside of our normal workflow.

Now that we are finally settled into the new suite, we are excited about the opportunities it affords us, while getting to remain in Las Colinas, which is an ideal spot for us here in the heart of the metroplex. We love being in Irving, because it is home for us. We are also close to downtown, and near Interstates 35 and 635, Hwy 114, Hwy 183, Loop 12, and the George Bush Tollway, which allows us to get anywhere we need to go in short order. We are also close to a number of businesses and the corporate corridor.

So if you have to move anytime soon, I feel for you. If you were flooded during the recent non-stop rains, I feel for you. But I can say that things look much better as you come out on the other side. We look forward to many more years of helping people, and doing so from our new digs. And if you are out and about in Las Colinas, stop by and say “hi.”



Keith Owens is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations. When you are ready to move, please don’t call him!


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