Missing Persons

Is there someone who was once in your life that is now missing? A person who owes you money and has disappeared? A runaway who you want to find? Maybe someone from your past with whom you have lost touch? People are considered “missing” for many reasons. Sometimes you have simply lost touch with them, while other times they are purposefully hiding. He might be looking for a fresh start, or she might be avoiding a past responsibility. Finding a missing person can be challenging and difficult work, but as private investigators, we like a challenge!

missing-person-Dallas-private-investigatorWe know how to access a wealth of information, and we use our knowledge and experience to find people with whom you have lost contact with for whatever reason.

At Owens Investigations, we will conduct an extensive interview to see if there is enough information for us to start looking for your missing person. The more you can tell us about that person, the better the chance of finding them. Even old information can be valuable; in fact, historical information is sometimes the key!

So if you are ready to find your missing person, call 972-550-1200 or email us today to set up an appointment at our Dallas office for a free consultation. We are ready to listen and help.


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