Do You Know Who You Are Dating?

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Do You Know Who You Are Dating?

Dating. Relationships. Almost every person has been there. So how did you meet your last date? In a bar? Online? Introduced by friends? At work? At church?

Some things never change. We tend to meet the people with whom we enter into relationships in the places we hang out. I think that will always be true. Today’s focus seems to be about meeting people online. But that is not what this post is about. You see, I don’t think meeting someone online is bad any more than meeting someone in a thousand other places where we have always met people. Without a doubt, you can meet creepy people online. But you can also meet creepy people at a bar or club, at work, and even at church. (I once met a guy who confessed he went to church simply to meet women.)

I believe that what was true 30 years ago is still true today. There are good people out there, and there are bad people out there. Your parents knew it; that’s why they insisted that you double date the first time you wanted to go out. The number of police and crime shows out there (think Law & Order, CSI, and Criminal Minds) have made us more aware of it then ever, but it has always been true. However, modern technology has made it easier for the bad people to fool someone. They can learn about their new target on the internet through research. They can also learn how to hide their past, cover their tracks, and even create new identities.

However, the technology knife cuts both ways. We also have incredible tools to dig deeper into someone’s identity, track their past, and see if their claims about themselves are true. Of course, most people try to put their best foot forward when they first meet someone, and they aren’t eager to share every life mistake they ever made on the first date. That’s the kind of stuff you learn as you get to know someone. But you also may not want to bring a person into your life and your home if they have red flags in their past that could indicate that you are the next target or the next victim. If you have children, you certainly don’t want to introduce someone into your children’s lives until you know that you want to start building a long term relationship with this person.

This is where relationship screening comes in. We advise people that before you get too emotionally involved with another person, before they become a key person in your life and possibly the lives of your family, and especially before you get financially involved with them, you should have a background check done on that person. Does this mean you don’t trust that person? No. It does mean that you are practical and cautious. I know people that read 20 yelp reviews before they go to a restaurant, or spend hours on Amazon before buying a new television. Doesn’t your love life, your emotional well-being, and your financial stability deserve at least the same amount of consideration?

If you are involved in a relationship, and you want to make sure everything is as it should be, don’t hesitate to have that done. We can discreetly check out the new person in your life and make sure that there are no red flags before you get too involved in the new relationship. Contact Owens Investigations today and let us help you find out what you need to know.

Keith is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations.

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