Divorce Tips for your Children

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Divorce Tips for your Children

Divorce can be challenging with children. It can introduce massive changes into your children’s life no matter what the age. Parents contemplating divorce are usually concerned about the overall welfare of their child. Some parents are so worried, they choose to stay in an unhappy marriage. They believe in their hearts the turmoil of a divorce would be more traumatic than staying in an unhealthy or unsatisfying relationship.

If you decide to enter into divorce proceedings, helping your children through the process is your goal. The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy has provided the following tips to aid you in helping your children with the divorce process:

  • Tell children about the divorce together, if possible.
  • Answer children’s questions honestly, avoiding unnecessary details.
  • Reassure children they are not to blame for divorce.
  • Tell children they are loved and will be taken care of.
  • Be consistent and on time to pick up and return children.
  • Develop a workable parenting plan that gives children access to both parents.
  • Guard against canceling plans with children.
  • Give children permission to have a loving, satisfying relationship with other parent.
  • Avoid putting children in the middle and in the position of having to take sides.
  • Avoid pumping children for information about the other parent.
  • Avoid arguing and discussing child support issues in front of children.
  • Avoid speaking negatively about the other parent or using the child as a pawn to hurt the other parent.

Here’s an infographic discussing how children can react to divorce which will provide you with additional insight. If you are needing any additional assistance with your divorce, please contact us today.  At Owens Investigations we understand that every divorce case is unique, and that a cookie-cutter approach is not good enough. We sit down with our clients and conduct an extensive interview, to gather information and learn what you want and need from your private investigator. We will tell you what we can do to help, and be honest about what we cannot do, and then devise a custom investigative plan that fits your needs. We will happily work with your attorney to provide them with what they feel is needed to best represent you in your divorce.

divorce tips for children


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