Deception in Online Dating

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Deception in Online Dating

In today’s society, the amount of online dating sites continue to expand. Everyone is looking for companionship and using many resources to find that special someone.  The chances of meeting someone online who is not sharing the complete story and who has been deceptive is common. Today we will focus on deception in online dating.

The concept of catfishing has become popular amongst online users. The word refers to the phenomenon of internet predators that fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional and romantic relationships. This concept gives even more reason to protect yourself with online dating. The most famous catfishing victim is probably Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o who was publicly humiliated when the story broke that his deceased girlfriend, whom he had met on social media platform Twitter, never existed. You may have even seen the 2010 documentary film called Catfish, involving a man who builds a faux romantic relationship with a woman on Facebook.  There is also an MTV reality show called Catfish which follows internet couples who have never met who are involved in numerous fake social media accounts.

Here’s an infographic, Have you been Catfished: The Deceptive World of Online Dating by Instant Checkmate to help you recognize the warning signs of a potential cat fishing scam. If you need a resource to help you with screening your online dates, Owens Investigations offers relationship screenings and background checks. My philosophy is, I would great be safe than sorry. Don’t be a statistic on this infographic.


Karol is the Director of Community Relations and Social Media for Owens Investigations.

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