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At Owens Investigations, we use social media to share thoughts and information, and add value for our clients.

Our goal is to be your Dallas Private Investigator on Social Media! We would like to be able to add you to our audience on any or all of the following social media platforms.


Facebook Dallas Private Investigator

If you “Like Us” on Facebook, you will be able to see our post in your time line, and see all the things that are going on at OI. Share your thoughts with us by posting on our wall or make a comment about something we have shared. Go ahead and “Like Us” today!



Twitter DallasPrivate InvestigatorWhen you only have 140 characters, you know you have to make every word count. You will find us tweeting on Twitter, sharing all the good stuff we come across on the internet, and #hashtaging it up!

Come find us @dallaspi and follow us on Twitter. Give us a shout and we will follow you back as well!


Pinterest Dallas Private InvestigatorIf you like to Pin, then we understand how you think! Like everyone, we have our favorite categories, and when we like it we pin it. We have several boards, and we think you might find something that you would like to repin, and we would like to see your favorite pins as well. Visit our Pinterest page and find a board you like.


Google+ Dallas Private InvestigatorAre you a Google+ user? What a coincidence… us too!! We are always looking for things to share with our Google+ friends, and we would really like for you to become one of those. We have a circle waiting just for you! Come +1 us and put a smile on our face!



LinkedIn Dallas Private Investigator

We try to have a little fun on social media. We believe that is part of being social, and we really enjoy what we do. But we are a business, and we take great pride in providing the highest quality service to our clients and conducting ourselves in the most ethical and professional manner possible. Our LinkedIn page is one place where we connect with other professionals and share ideas and connections, so we can always provide the best service to our clients.

Featured on PInow.com - Top Private Investigators on Twitter 2013
UPDATE:  We are also proud to announce that we were selected by PInow.com as one of the Top 20 Private Investigators on Twitter in 2013. We were very pleased to be recognized on this list! We try to provide relevant and interesting information on Twitter. So if you tweet, we would love for you to follow us as well. You can find us here @DallasPI and enjoy our incredible tweets. We promise to never tell you what we are having for lunch!

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