Investigations Costs

investigation cost explanation“What do investigations cost? How do I pay for this?” These are common questions we are asked. Conducting our business in an ethical manner is important to us, so we want to outline how we charge so you will know exactly how and for what we will bill you.

At Owens Investigations, we work on a retainer system. Much like a law firm, we ask our clients to pay a certain amount of money before we begin working on their case. That amount is determined based on the situation and needs of the case. We then charge against that retainer based on our hourly rate. We charge $100 per hour. We do NOT charge mileage for cases in the metroplex. The only exception to this would be situations that require us to go outside of the DFW area or travel extensively. We will always discuss these situations with you before we act.

As we proceed with the investigation, we will track our hours, and charge that against the retainer you paid before the investigations started. While many private investigators charge a mileage fee when they are out of the office, or charge office fees for the use of office supplies or copies, we do not do that. We charge for our time, and we absorb the natural cost of doing our job. However, when we incur a cost directly related to your case, such as private database searches, document charges at public or private institutions, travel, hotel, club minimums, etc., it will be charged towards the retainer. When possible, you will be asked for approval of any major costs (over $100) beforehand.

In most cases, the amount of the retainer is what we estimate the cost of the investigation to be. If circumstances require additional investigative time, then we will discuss that with you before exceeding your retainer amount.

We are not the cheapest firm in town. Our prices are set so that we can give you the level of service and attention we feel all our clients deserve. We certainly understand that cost is important to you, so we try to be as efficient as possible with our time. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.