12 Days of Christmas Tips – Day 3: Create Family Memories

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12 Days of Christmas Tips – Day 3: Create Family Memories

One thing I learned as my children were growing up… they have selective memory. There are many things that happened while they were growing up that they do not remember. But I have been surprised several times about things they shared with me as older teens and later as adults about special moments they do remember.

If you make the time to create family memories they will recall them fondly years later. Often it will be an integral part of the way they perceive the holidays. I have heard my children talk fondly of special moments that we experienced as they were growing up, and that still help to define the holiday season for them today. For my own part, there are Christmas experiences from my childhood that I still remember these many years later.

A special event that you take your family to can also have a lasting impact and create a memory that will last a lifetime. It may not be something that you repeat year after year, but if there is a special event that you can attend or be a part of, make it into a big deal.

You can also make a small event into a special memory. Put the kids in their warm pajamas and coats, take travel mugs full of hot chocolate, and tour the neighborhoods with the best Christmas lights. Maybe mix in some microwave popcorn as a fun car snack. A unique moment can make a great memory.

Another key to making a memory… take pictures, especially of your family members, while at the event. Sometimes we take pictures of the event or the scene itself, but most people are more interested in looking at pictures of people later on, not objects, strangers or scenery. Learn to use the camera on your cell phone! Take pictures of your family, and take pictures with yourself in the photo. You will cherish those photos, and they will spark the happy memories of the event for years to come. As your family recounts the event later as they look at the pictures, the good parts will be emphasized and become even more special as a memory. Also, take pictures around your house, of your holiday decorations, your Christmas tree, and especially of your family in those settings. Don’t wait until Christmas Eve to start taking pictures; take photos all during the holiday season. Don’t forget to share those pictures with your extended family, as they will enjoy seeing their loved ones enjoying the holidays!

Do you have some additional ideas about how to make special family memories during the holidays? Share those with us in the comments below!



Keith Owens is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations.


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  1. Adorable picture. It makes me think of making cookies with my grandchildren in my kitchen and creating those lifetime memories.

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