Control Issues Can Warn of An Affair

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Control Issues Can Warn of An Affair

Issues of control are one of the most common problems in a relationship where a partner is cheating. A spouse often monitors or controls phone usage and restricts access to finances and records. They may block the use of family vehicles, or may even keep you or your children from seeing family and  friends. It is very common for a cheater to separate you from others who might reveal their secret or advise you of their suspicions.

Often, we find that control issues in marriages are a sign of a long term or chronic cheater, not an individual who made a one time mistake. Most people we talk with indicate that this is a recurring or ongoing issue that they have dealt with for years. It does not typically crop up suddenly.

Often someone having an affair will complain that their spouse is the one who is controlling, yet it is the cheater who must know exactly where their partner is at every time of day. Does your partner always want to know where you are and what you are doing? This is not normal behavior so don’t allow someone to convince you this is rational or logical.

You may begin to believe that the problems in your relationship are your fault because an unfaithful spouse will pick apart things you do and blame you for their unhappiness.  Someone who is having an affair needs to control their environment and the people in it so they can continue to have their secret life.

If you think your spouse is behaving in this manner, and you have suspicions about their behavior, call us today and let’s talk about how we can help you.


Shawn is the Business Manager for Owens Investigations.


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