Workplace Misconduct

Workplace MisconductAs a business owner, one of the most difficult situations you encounter is employee workplace misconduct. When an allegation arises, an owner has several choices to make. You or a company employee can investigate the situation. The downside to this is that you or an employee will be perceived as having a bias in the case, calling into question your findings. The second option would be to hire an outside, unbiased third party. Some companies turn to a human resources consultant. Keep in mind that in Texas it is illegal for an unlicensed individual to conduct investigations for profit. So hiring an unlicensed person could expose you to liability and criminal charges, as well as call into question the validity of the results of the investigation. That leaves you with the option of hiring either a lawyer or a licensed investigator to look into the situation for you.

At Owens Investigations we will examine situations involving employee misconduct, theft, sexual harassment allegations, employees handling personal business on company time, and client or customer complaints. We also can conduct mystery or secret shopper investigations. Have you ever wondered what was happening in your place of business when you are not there, or in places where you are not present every moment? We will send an investigator in undercover to see what kind of customer experience they have, and whether they witness inappropriate or illegal actions taking place.

So if you have a need or concern with your business, call us today. We will schedule a free consultation where we can sit down and discuss how we can help solve your problem. Call 972-550-1200 or email us today to set up an appointment.

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