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Bar-restaurant-investigations-dallas-private-investigator-1cAre you a restaurant or bar owner? If so, you know that as a cash business, you are extremely vulnerable to your employees skimming money on a nightly basis. If you think that is happening to you, then our bar & restaurant investigations may be the perfect solution to your situation.

If you have seen a dip in your profits, or if the place is hopping but the cash intake seems stagnant, you may have a problem. Our licensed private investigators know the various ways that your bartender could be helping him or herself to your profits. We are ready to observe if it is happening, and document the theft. Of course, there are many things that can happen in your establishment when you are away.

Do you know what your employees are doing, especially when you are not looking?


Are they…

  • Pocketing cash?
  • Over serving guests, putting your license and your liability insurance at risk?
  • Ringing up every transaction?
  • Keeping the cash drawer closed except when processing sales?
  • Serving people, like their friends or a cute patron, without charging, or with discount pricing?
  • Socializing or on their cell phones instead of serving guests?
  • Properly checking the ID’s of patrons?


All of these actions and more can affect your bottom line. The more employees you have, the greater the potential to have these actions happening in your establishment. In fact, there are entire books written on this topic.

Theft can be one of the hardest challenges a bar or restaurant manager faces. Theft is hard to detect, hard to stop, and unfortunately very common in the restaurant industry. It is by no means impossible for trusted employees to steal hundreds and hundreds of dollars each night. This can eat into revenue and profit. This can limit the ability of a business to grow and expand. At the very bottom of it all, this is just wrong.

Thomas Morrell
author of How to Stop Employee Theft in a Bar or Restaurant


Bar-restaurant-investigations-dallas-private-investigator-2cAt Owens Investigations, we have licensed, experienced investigators who understand the restaurant industry, have worked in the front and back of house, and know the tricks and actions that less scrupulous employees can use. With the use of technology, along with eyewitness testimony of investigators licensed by the State of Texas, we can give you what you need to put an end to the thefts, let your other employees know you are watching, and get your business back on track.

So if you are concerned this is happening to you, or you just want the assurance that everything is running correctly at your restaurant, then give us a call at 972-550-1220, or email us at One of our trained bar & restaurant investigators will talk with you about how we can help stop the losses, and give you piece of mind. We work through the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex, and we can travel if needed.

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