Be Careful in School Zones!

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Be Careful in School Zones!

School is starting! Some are excited about that (parents), some may not be (students), but there is one thing that effects almost everyone… school zones.

It is important that we remember that school zones across the metroplex will be in full force on Monday, August 26, and that we all need to be careful to keep our speed at 20 mph (or whatever the posted speed is) and keep our eyes looking for children and parents that could be walking to school or crossing the street. There are a number of private schools that have already started classes this week!

After almost 3 months of most school zones being inactive, it is easy to forget that school zone on your way to work or in your neighborhood. Police will be actively monitoring them next week, and school zone fines are high! Most importantly, any type of accident could be life-changing in a very bad way for all involved. It may add an extra 45 seconds to your commute, but slow down and pay careful attention.

Also, don’t forget that many cities have enacted cell-phone bans in school zones! If you are holding a cell phone while driving in a school zone, you can be cited in those locales. Again, safety should be an extra high priority in school zones, so hang up your cell phone and keep a sharp eye out!

Finally, remember the rules about not passing a school bus when they are loading or unloading children. Many school busses have signs that display along with additional flashing lights, and state law requires you to stop and not pass the bus until the children have finished getting on or off the bus, and the lights and signs have been turned off. Children can dart out into the street in an instant when getting on or off a bus, so make sure you are diligent.

We are all busy, but rarely is anything we are doing so important that we can’t wait an extra minute or two to help keep children safe. Drive carefully!

Keith is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations.