Are Your Partner’s Put-Downs a Sign of an Affair?

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Are Your Partner’s Put-Downs a Sign of an Affair?

Do you feel like you can’t do anything right? Do you feel like you keep giving and your partner keeps taking but they are still unhappy with you?  Perhaps an affair is the source of your problems.

Does your partner constantly put you down and act impatient or rude? Do they say mean things and then tell you they were only joking? Criticism can turn into harsh emotional and verbal abuse. It often comes as a surprise that the motivation behind it may be unfaithfulness in the relationship.

When people look back on their experiences with a cheating spouse they realize how often they had to deal with angry, critical, and even outright cruel behavior. Emotional and verbal abuse, as well as constant put-downs, are behaviors that slowly grow into a life of daily fear and anxiety for the whole family. The spouse who is being cheated on will be told that the anger and bad situations are their fault, that if they were a better person the cheater would treat them better.

However the terrible treatment they are receiving is not because of anything they have done wrong. It is simply a smokescreen. People who are having an affair will use criticism to keep their partner off-balance. It is a common behavior to cover their guilt with anger, and helps to keep their cheating from being discovered. The verbally abused spouse is often confused by the mean behavior, which keeps them from focusing on behaviors and clues that might tip them off that an affair is happening.

This is often one of the cruelest side effects of an affair on the innocent spouse. Not only are they being cheating on, but they are subjected to inappropriate and unwarranted verbal abuse and insults from the cheater, for the purposes of hiding the affair and assuaging the cheater’s guilt.

Do you think your partner may be having an affair? If you want help finding out, call us today at 972-31-OWENS or contact us here. We will schedule an appointment for a free consultation to talk about how we can help you get the answers you deserve.

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