How Many People Are Having Affairs in Dallas?

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How Many People Are Having Affairs in Dallas?

We hear the stories all the time, this person had an affair, this couple is splitting up because of infidelity. I regularly have people ask me if a lot of this really goes on out there in the world. Some new data came across my desk this week, and I find it interesting because it deals specifically with Dallas and the surrounding suburbs. Apparently, having affairs in Dallas is fairly popular!

Have you heard of the website It is a website that is designed specifically for people ALREADY in a relationship who are looking to have a sexual relationship with someone other than their partner. Their tagline is “Ashley Madison is the world’s leading married dating service for discreet encounters.” So you get the idea; they are targeting married people, who want to have an affair, but are not necessarily looking to end their marriage. You might think this would be a small target audience, right? Well according to Ashley Madison, they have over 26 million members worldwide. In the Dallas metro area, they state that they have almost 78,000 members!

In an April 2014 press release, they released information on the percentage of members per capita in many of the cities/neighborhoods in the metroplex. The numbers might surprise you.

Dallas’ Ten Most Popular Neighborhoods for Cheaters

Carrollton 9.6%ashley-madison-affairs-in-Dallas

Garland 9.2%

Bryan Place 8.7%

Plano 8.4%

Addison 8.1%

Grapevine 7.7%

Pleasant Grove 7.5%

Irving 7.2%

Cedar Hill 6.8%

Coppell 6.4%

* 46% of philanderers in Dallas are female
(average age 35)

* Carrollton’s members have the most affair partners


Keep in mind, this is one website, one avenue, for those actively looking to cheat. How many more people are having affairs that are using more “traditional” methods to find a willing partner? It is not hard to imagine that the numbers are greater than 1 in 10 people out there actively looking. According to the website, people with discretionary income and the freedom to travel are even more likely to actively seek an affair.

It should be no surprise that in my business, we get calls every week from someone who thinks their spouse is cheating on them. Some just have a vague suspicion, others are totally convinced. So I realize that my perspective is jaded by what I hear every week.

What about you? Do these numbers surprise you? In your own personal experience with friends and families, what kind of percentages are you seeing? Feel free to respond in the comments below. No real names are required, so let us know what you think.



Keith Owens is the owner and founder of Owens Investigations.
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